Ebola has arrived in USA


Just saying the word “Ebola” is enough to start a conversation with heated view points and get everyone in a tizzy. It seems we are not in control. The hospitals, government, Wall street, and of course CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) appear to be scrambling. The global disease which until a few weeks back was somewhere in a place called Liberia, Africa is very much a reality and in fact it has arrived in USA.

The alarming thing is that we now have evidence of spread in our soil with two health care workers who have tested positive for Ebola after taking care of a patient who brought the disease from Liberia.

Yes we will likely have more people die of car crashes, flu, heart attacks, diabetes, falls and any cause other than Ebola. But there is no reason to die from this disease because it is not inherent to USA. Even one person getting infected and dying of Ebola in USA is one too many.

In this day and age of globalization it is inevitable we had to get infected. It just happened to be sooner rather than later.

We cannot hide from this disease, however we definitely should not panic.

The let down for CDC has been that it depended on the local health agencies and health care workers to be responsible about following the guidelines which have been set by them. On paper the guidelines are perfect and if everything is followed as it is written nothing will go wrong. But when we add the human factor, it does not always go so smooth. Yes mistakes were made but the best thing we can do now is to learn from our mistakes. This is not the time to waste our energy on playing the blame game or even pointing fingers at each other.

Let us get a fresh start. Hospitals should become extra vigilant and increase the training. CDC monitors the situation more closely and offers quick and efficient help to the health care agencies. We need to all work together to take control of this dreaded disease “Ebola” both in USA and globally.

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