Rage against females..


Is that really true? Recently my mind is totally blown away with news of atrocities against females be it in form of kidnapping of school girls in Nigeria, rampant rapes against ladies in India, or even local domestic violence issues involving ladies from all walks of life. They are not all poor. Infact, it has nothing to do with the location of these incidents or even the financial status of the females.

While I believe in total equality between women and men, I am beginning to get a feeling that it is not so equal and it may never be. The aggressors are men and the victims are females. The brutality of some of the rapes in India which have been covered in detail and then spread like wildfire in the social media brings to us a very interesting point in our life. The point is dangerous. These acts are bordering on violence of the ultimate kind. It is about the power and not about sexual gratification of the rapists or perpeterators. It is about a total lack of respect for one another. This constant exposure will either help us become totally desensitized  or get us to do something about it. I believe we as humans are capable of changing for the better- but how many crimes have to be committed before we turn the switch to a better us?

Most of us are content to spread the outrage we felt about the incidents but felt helpless to do anything. Each one of us has a power to change the word around us. We should all get together and change the mindset of violence one person and one locality at a time. No kind of abuse is acceptable. That means a person talking down to another person at home, work place or in public is as bad as raping and aggressive violence because both create havoc in the mind of the victim.

We humans are failing as a society. Seeing the images of two girls hanging from the tree after they had been sexually abused in India was the moment which made me realize of the presence of pure evil.

I have not quick answers or quick fixes. This is something which has to be changed over a period of generations. It is a mindset of developing un biased respect for another human being. Once we achieve that we will be in a position to make this world a better place for our children.