USA vs Portugal was quite an exhilarating game even for a person who does not quite understand all the rules and quite frankly has never played the game. If I were to describe the game. It started with a quick score from Portugal and then USA attacked consistently until they scored. Eventually we got ahead and scored yet another goal. We were ahead till 94 minutes of the game. The last minute was devastating, which tied the game at 2-2.

It really was not that devastating because it was a beautifully played game. The one which had all the USA players giving their best at every stage of the game. Americans should feel so proud that they have such a great team.

Our next game is USA vs Germany. Coach Jurgen Klinsmann will definitely have to get the team ready for that big day. We all also need to do our part by supporting Team USA to play the game well.

Go Team USA!! We believe in you.