Delicious Energizing Rasgullas- a centuries old Indian Sweet


Rasgulla is full of intrigue. It is white, milk based,spongy, mouth watering cottage cheese dumpling in sugar syrup with a fascinating history and it will soon be part of future in space. It has been around for many centuries. The origin is controversial with some historical accounts saying that they were first offered to Indian Goddess of Wealth Lakshmi in Puri, Odisha, India and others claiming that they are purely from Bengal. Regardless they are delicious and gradually gaining global popularity.

They are round dumplings made from a blend of cottage cheese and semolina, dipped in sugar syrup and eaten cold. Some make them purely from cottage cheese. The size can vary from small to large round balls

.Rasgulla blue plate

Recently Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has been working with Mysore Defence Food Research Lab in India to make dehydrated Rasgullas so they can travel to space for a planned 2016 mission for Indian Astronauts.

I envision future of Rasgulla to be part of a regular menu in space. On Earth an exciting thought is to eat this exquisite Indian sweet made purely from organic milk and organic sugar (

Having tasted both prepackaged and home made rasgullas I am definitely partial to homemade ones. Recently I have had the opportunity to be part of an Organic Rasgulla movement and it is just so unbelievably tasty.  As you take a bite- it hits your pleasure sense and from then on you have a delightful experience which is refreshing and energizing.  A perfect pick me up snack for those lazy afternoons.


Something so totally wrong


Death of three teenagers- it makes no sense. Killing of youth is never condonable. I am no expert about the issues of Israel region. However, I do know it is quite complex and has been for many years. But no matter what the issues and no matter what the perceived crime.  It will never make sense to have teenagers killed so senselessly- – especially when they are our next generation.

The news has become brazen with global issues such as multiple killings and rapes of young girls and women in India, abductions of girls in Nigeria, unrest in Ukraine, and terror in Iraq. The local issues are equally frightening and include ladies found in suitcases, children left in hot cars, and multiple mass shootings.

What is the point of all this? The message being conveyed is simple- it is a message of hate, terror and pure evil.

Something is so totally wrong that it has become quite reprehensible. Is it something we can forgive?

Not really because our core is shaken and our soul is crying.

It brings us back to what we would like our next generation to be? We want it to take us forward, carry us through this evil, survive and live.

For that to happen we will need to remain sensitive to our surroundings and go through every grief like our own. Feel it and react to it. However, we should not let hatred consume us because that is what will continue to make us choose the deadly path every single time.





USA vs Portugal was quite an exhilarating game even for a person who does not quite understand all the rules and quite frankly has never played the game. If I were to describe the game. It started with a quick score from Portugal and then USA attacked consistently until they scored. Eventually we got ahead and scored yet another goal. We were ahead till 94 minutes of the game. The last minute was devastating, which tied the game at 2-2.

It really was not that devastating because it was a beautifully played game. The one which had all the USA players giving their best at every stage of the game. Americans should feel so proud that they have such a great team.

Our next game is USA vs Germany. Coach Jurgen Klinsmann will definitely have to get the team ready for that big day. We all also need to do our part by supporting Team USA to play the game well.

Go Team USA!! We believe in you.

Un biased Respect.



What is it? Respect is defined as “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.” Un biased respect is simply an admiration of someone, something or self just because they exist.

Respecting without necessarily attaching a clause of “abilities, qualities or achievements” is what I would call as un biased. It is an essential basis of trying to get us to raise above our fears, emotions, judgments and preconceptions.

We exist to make a difference in this world. This is what some of us believe and the rest just continue to live themselves. Living for self is natural but will not give you the satisfaction of existence. Change by adopting a new way of thinking in the form of un biased respect does not require a lot of turns down the road. It is quite simple, really.

Why is it necessary to attach a carrot at the end of anything we do for anyone or even for ourselves? Be it trying to be nice to someone just because they are likely to help you at some point in your life or even something as simple as smiling only if the other person “deserves” it according to your perception.

Agreed, that is what some of us grew up to believe that nothing is free in life and for that reason you do not give away anything free either.

Un biased respect will free you from those thoughts. Try it and it will liberate your thinking enough to let you concentrate on other more important things in life. We can not measure everything in life. Some of our thoughts and actions have to happen just because.

How do we break from the evil of wanting gratification at every turn?

Firstly remember that you need to respect yourself for this to work. Once you do that start thinking about your anxieties, apprehensions and fears. What do you like and what don’t you like. Next just free your mind from all the previous ways of dealing with other people, animals or things. Look at  everything carefully and respect them for just being there. Connecting self respect with respect for others will immediately give you a boost to enable your thought process to begin inoculating the seed of un biased respect.

Take it one person and one thing at one time. It is not complex. It is simply un biased.



Rage against females..


Is that really true? Recently my mind is totally blown away with news of atrocities against females be it in form of kidnapping of school girls in Nigeria, rampant rapes against ladies in India, or even local domestic violence issues involving ladies from all walks of life. They are not all poor. Infact, it has nothing to do with the location of these incidents or even the financial status of the females.

While I believe in total equality between women and men, I am beginning to get a feeling that it is not so equal and it may never be. The aggressors are men and the victims are females. The brutality of some of the rapes in India which have been covered in detail and then spread like wildfire in the social media brings to us a very interesting point in our life. The point is dangerous. These acts are bordering on violence of the ultimate kind. It is about the power and not about sexual gratification of the rapists or perpeterators. It is about a total lack of respect for one another. This constant exposure will either help us become totally desensitized  or get us to do something about it. I believe we as humans are capable of changing for the better- but how many crimes have to be committed before we turn the switch to a better us?

Most of us are content to spread the outrage we felt about the incidents but felt helpless to do anything. Each one of us has a power to change the word around us. We should all get together and change the mindset of violence one person and one locality at a time. No kind of abuse is acceptable. That means a person talking down to another person at home, work place or in public is as bad as raping and aggressive violence because both create havoc in the mind of the victim.

We humans are failing as a society. Seeing the images of two girls hanging from the tree after they had been sexually abused in India was the moment which made me realize of the presence of pure evil.

I have not quick answers or quick fixes. This is something which has to be changed over a period of generations. It is a mindset of developing un biased respect for another human being. Once we achieve that we will be in a position to make this world a better place for our children.