Something so totally wrong


Death of three teenagers- it makes no sense. Killing of youth is never condonable. I am no expert about the issues of Israel region. However, I do know it is quite complex and has been for many years. But no matter what the issues and no matter what the perceived crime.  It will never make sense to have teenagers killed so senselessly- – especially when they are our next generation.

The news has become brazen with global issues such as multiple killings and rapes of young girls and women in India, abductions of girls in Nigeria, unrest in Ukraine, and terror in Iraq. The local issues are equally frightening and include ladies found in suitcases, children left in hot cars, and multiple mass shootings.

What is the point of all this? The message being conveyed is simple- it is a message of hate, terror and pure evil.

Something is so totally wrong that it has become quite reprehensible. Is it something we can forgive?

Not really because our core is shaken and our soul is crying.

It brings us back to what we would like our next generation to be? We want it to take us forward, carry us through this evil, survive and live.

For that to happen we will need to remain sensitive to our surroundings and go through every grief like our own. Feel it and react to it. However, we should not let hatred consume us because that is what will continue to make us choose the deadly path every single time.