But Why? Malaysian Airlines Crashes.

Horrific plane crash- Malaysian Airlines

Horrific plane crash- Malaysian Airlines

A horrific plane crash and even more horrifying sequence of events.

Anytime a plane crashes we as human beings feel collective pain for those who died and those who they left behind. This is purely from the perspective of those caring sensitive people who are not directly related to anyone on the crashes planes.
We all go through various stages of grief. Initial stage is total shock. Then trying to understand what happened and could it have been avoided or prevented. Most of the time we can’t ever answer that question at that moment because the investigation takes so much time. Maybe that is for the best because I am not quite sure what we would do if we had to deal with grief and the fact that the crash should not have actually happened. All those souls died senselessly. The third stage is becoming immune to the constant media coverage. The last stage is to just simply get on with our life with a little bit of ourself dying and attributing that to part of growing up.

Recently our capacity to deal with how we view crashes has totally changed.

The first Malaysian airlines MH370 crash is a big void. We do not know what to do with it because it just disappeared and that is just so unacceptable in this day and age of constant connectivity and instant results. Since we can’t understand it we can not grieve for it and consequently never recover from it.

The second Malaysian airlines MH17 crash is multiple why’s. First is why Malaysian airlines again when we have yet to grieve for the first crash. Second is the brutal conscious cause of the crash associated with blame game of multiple allegations, bickerings and pointing fingers from the world leaders. What are we going to do? We lost about 300 passengers and crew. We just can’t grieve for them because nothing makes sense. Does anyone even care for those who died. Did their lives mean anything or Is it more important right now to determine how the crash happened. Remember the initial stage was to remember those who died and then came the cause of the crash. Doing it in reverse is painful and mind numbing. To make it worse the geopolitical environment of the crash region is making it difficult to recover bodies for purposes of closure.

The loved ones of the deceased of the second crash are going through the most difficult time of their life and in fact will continue to do so for generations to come. The relatives of the first crash have nothing and this is also something which will haunt them for generations.

9How do we make sense of it?Do we need to or do we care to? I believe we need to and should care to make sense of these for our own sanity if we believe in humanity.

Humanity is taking a dangerous turn and we have constant exposure to it everyday with media coverage of atrocities, rapes, and total disregard to human life around the globe. We do the same in our own personal life also by being callous and totally insensitive to each other. Is it a pattern we are developing. What kind of world do we want to leave for our next generation? A good one I hope.